Helen here! I'm not going to lie, a bra can be a woman’s best friend or worst nightmare depending on how you wear it. A perfect bra is very difficult to find especially in the case of stick on bras. From backless dresses to shoulderless tees, stick on bras help you wear your favourite clothing while embracing and supporting you perfectly. But many women are still sceptical about these bras and are often reluctant to buy them as they are not sure whether these will provide the same effect as their traditional bras. For a new user, putting on a stick on bra is quite like a puzzle and can lead to hesitation. So to help you with this process, here are a few things that you can try to enable you wear your stick on bra perfectly.

Here are our top ten tips!

  1. Ensure that the bra sticks on! These bras work on adhesive principle hence it is very essential to ensure proper cohesion between the bra and your skin. Make sure your skin is dry and free from sweat before wearing the bra. Always wipe yourself with a towel after a bath, before putting on the bra. Do not use any lotion or moisturizers as well. This just reduces the friction and the bra may slip.
  2. Before buying, check what sort of adhesives are used in the bra. Not all adhesives suit well on all skin types. Some adhesives may also cause allergies or irritation. This effect varies from person to person so only you can find out what is best for you. If you choose a Partybra adhesive bra you can rest assured that all our bras use skin-friendly adhesive tested to an EU, US and Australia certification.
  3. Before wearing the bra, unclasp the centre clip first and wear one cup at a time. Place the centre exactly at the nipple at push against your chest.
  4. Make sure you do this in front of the mirror so that you can adjust both the cups for symmetry. Once you are satisfied, clasp the cups together.
  5. You can also experiment with different breast angle positions before clasping. A slight adjusting can create a push up effect or the right cleavage with a perky bust.
  6. If at first you can't find your perfect fit, you can try pulling the cups inside out and back again, before wearing them. This will ensure higher flexibility.
  7. After wearing them, smooth down the cups to get rid of undulations or wrinkles if any. If not these defects will show through your dress.
  8. When you take off the bra, make sure that you do not peel it off suddenly. Remove the bra slowly and carefully. This will help protect the adhesive and give your bra a longer life time.
  9. Always hand wash your bra. Use mild soap if necessary. Do not use the washing machine. This washing process will also induce some stickiness to the bra.
  10. After drying make sure that you securely wrap the bra up in a plastic sheet or cover. Do not leave it open to the atmosphere as the adhesive will dry out eventually.

That's all from me ladies. Do you have any questions or feel there's anything I've missed out? Please let me know in the comments section.

Helen x